production of engineered quartz items

what was done
The client manufactures products of engineered quartz (countertops, window sills, tables). Target audience is the B2C segment. Once a quiz landing page was created, the client asked us how to get new leads.
We selected search queries to trigger ads, made several creatives with ads, and developed an offer with a promotion. When working on the project, we tried different promotions with a specific end date for the offer, different discounts, etc.
Ads with promotions in the form of discounts and bargain sales became favorites in terms of the number of inquiries. The project conversion did not exceed 6% in 2020, and it ranges from 4 to 9% in 2021. The cost per lead varies from RUB 300 to RUB 400.
There are 2 important points to note:
  • The first leads appeared after we launched a promotion with a discount. In the pandemic, this proved to be a decisive factor for buyers. This is obvious, but we proved it once again in a specific context.
  • Money on the advertising account must be constantly replenished. There must not be a zero balance on the account even for one day. We disabled the campaigns at this time and launched them again once the money appeared in Direct. However, Yandex often reacted to this situation so that the number of our ad impressions was reduced.
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