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what was done
In connection with a project launched for the construction of production and storage facilities for small and medium-sized businesses, it became necessary to create a full range of marketing materials (corporate style, advertising media development, guideline, creating a presentation and landing page based on Tilda, launching search engine advertising).

Materials created should attract a potential audience (investors) to buy units for their own use or rent.
  • Corporate name style. 5 corporate style concepts were proposed. Focus was on a neat
    geometric font that is associated with order, practicality, construction/design accuracy.
  • Advertising media (business card, letterhead, folder, presentation, fonts, merchandise (raincoat, umbrella, helmet, boots, backpack, mug, printed phone case) were developed.
  • A landing page was created based on Tilda with a unique page layout to launch search engine advertising. We used Zero Blocks when creating the website (to obtain an original design and add spectacular animation). We worked more deeply on the "For Investors" section to ensure structured information presentation.
  • Search engine advertising was launched in Yandex.
After the corporate style design, advertising media and guideline development, a presentation about the company was prepared without delay, so the company's employees began to use it in their communication with customers.
Landing page works included: design, page layout, copywriting. Two specialists were connected to the project: a designer and a marketing specialist.

Much of the time was allocated to copywriting. The landing page structure was developed, and texts for the website were written in accordance with it.

The focus was on the business audience. Accordingly, all texts were prepared for this target audience (figures, specific information that is easy to understand, statistical data on similar projects).

Special attention was paid to the placement of drawings on the website and feedback buttons. The text volume turned out to be considerable and it was necessary to provide a certain number of feedback buttons after each section.

The best conversion rate for search engine advertising was 9%.

Unlike B2C projects, ads indicating any discount types do not work in B2B projects. We are talking about B2B investment projects where the main trigger for sending an inquiry from the website is a clear understanding of the project concept, and not the discount value.

The work on conducting advertising campaigns is still ongoing.
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