We will put your marketing ideas in order
- Describing company`s goals, ways to achieve them, promotion costs.
- Analyzing product/service features.
- Determining a target audience.
- Choosing promotion channels. Evaluating performance.
- Optimizing costs for each marketing activity type (Internet marketing, PR, SMM, events, etc.).
Marketing plan,
PR support
- Promoting personal brands of managers.
- Preparation for exhibitions, conferences (press releases, quotations, reports, newsletter texts).
- Presentations.
- Texts (media articles, advertising brochures, leaflets).
- Work with web resources (unique texts for websites, SEO optimization of existing content).
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website development, SEO
- Developing a website based on company`s objectives (full-fledged website of landing page).
- CMS and hosting selection recommendations
- Internal website optimization (metadata, semantic kernel, unique texts, interlinking, webmaster setting, etc.)
- External website optimization (buying links, accelerating indexing, placing in catalogs and other services).
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Search engine and targeted advertising
- Selecting keywords, negative keywords.
- Initial analytics setup.
- Creating ads that sell.
- Setting up advertising campaigns by queries used by competitors.
- Adjustments in current advertising campaigns, daily reports.

It perfectly works both individually and together with SEO promotion.
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Web design, print design, presentations, corporate identity, event design development.
Targeted advertising and managing social media accounts (Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram, Telegram, Odnoklassniki):
- Building a picture of the target audience.
- Developing a content plan, conducting activities to expand the target audience.
- Developing an advertising campaign strategy.
- Developing ad creatives with texts and pictures.
- Optimal settings according to the budget.
- Initial analytics setup.
- Performance monitoring.
- Weekly reports.
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marketing services for large and small projects

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    let's get acquainted
    let`s get acquainted
    let`s get acquainted
    let`s get acquainted
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    Irina Gumenyuk
    Entrepreneur, marketing professional with an international license for professional activities and marketing experience since 2002! →
    We are marketing experts with 15 years of experience! We know all the ins and outs and
    understand what promotion channels work in each specific case.

    More customers, higher website conversion, more accurate advertising, brighter PR, more
    efficient investment, more profit... The best results are achievable when you have marketing professionals working for you.
    We work under the contract
    We conclude a contract that protects both your and our interests. The terms, conditions and scope of work are clearly defined in the contract.
    We observe terms and deadlines
    We work with strict deadline compliance. We are responsible for the result.
    All orders are important to us
    We do not divide orders into more and less profitable, large and small ones. The result obtained by the customer from our cooperation is important for us.
    We practice an integrated approach
    We offer a range of communication building services. However, you can select one or more task pools.
    our principles are simple and honest
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