structural steel manufacturer

what was done
Attract new leads from companies, namely bids for tenders.
  • For each product, we created one-page websites with quiz landing pages (landing pages with interactive content).
  • For each website, we set up an advertising campaign in Yandex (search and Yandex Advertising Network) with a focus on both b2b and b2c segments.
  • On the first day of the launch (after 6 hours of work), the customer called and asked us to stop advertising campaigns because he overrated his strength and physically could not process inquiries further.
  • The cost per lead in this case amounted to maximum RUB 300.
  • During a pause in advertising, the customer expanded the staff and prepared for a new flow of leads.
  • The monthly average cost per lead is an average of RUB 400.
  • Number of leads per month: 52 leads. 4 out of 5 leads ended in a deal.
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