manufacturer of steel fences, guards

what was done
Reduce the advertising budget by 3 times when launching an advertising campaign in Yandex, while maintaining the number of leads. The customer has already created a quiz landing page.
We have done the following in the advertising campaigns:
  • Changed ad texts (e.g. replaced "free delivery" with "free delivery in 1 day"; emphasized that the client is a manufacturer; prices were specified)
  • Added new negative keywords
  • Excluded websites in the Yandex Advertising Network that do not convert visitors into customers
  • Maximally supplemented ads with extensions (8 quick links, prices, etc.)
  • Launched retargeting to return users who have already visited the website before.
  • The cost per lead reduced from RUB 450 to RUB 145. Before: Budget – RUB 60,000/month, cost per lead – RUB 450 on average. After: Budget – RUB 20,000/month, cost per lead – RUB 145 on average.
  • Conversion: 9% on average per month.
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